PARTICIPATION. Individuals and organizations make up the operations body of the event. Volunteers provide time from their own schedule to assist in the smooth running of the event. Compensation for shifts worked is made in reduced membership costs for current and upcoming events. Invitations to Infinicon "appreciation events" scheduled through out the year may also be made available, depending upon the level of participation.

While signing up to volunteer you will select how many shifts to be pre-scheduled for. These are 2 hour shifts. Most other conventions have you sign up for four hours per shift. When selection the number of shifts please remember these are two hour shifts so sign up accordingly. If you're a seasoned volunteer you will probably sign up for twice as many as you would at other conventions.

Once your preliminary shifts have been scheduled you will be sent a link to the Active Volunteers web page where the entire Volunteers Schedule will be displayed. From that page you can request dropping, moving, and adding shifts.