APPLICATIONS. Infinicon screens content applications for quality, suitability, and availability based upon proposed scheduling. Once your application is submitted, you will be notified via email whether or not your panel has been approved as written. Suggestions may be sent back for modifications required to continue moving the proposal through the approval process.

AVAILABILITY. The "From" and "Until" fields in the application form below indicate the days and times you and your co-panelists (if any) are available to present the content. The more broad of a range you can offer for scheduling increases the odds that there will be an appropriate sized room available at a time without directly competing content already scheduled or pending approval to be scheduled.

TICKETS. Content Providers and assistants / co-presenters must purchase tickets / badges good for at least the day(s) they will be presenting. Providers who already have badges such as vendors, exhibitors, previously earned badges, etc. need not buy another.

PROVIDER GUIDELINES. This form is for Content Providers to propose the conducting of discussion panels, workshops, events, demonstrations, competitions, and performances. The following conditions apply to all content:

  • Content must be structured into a 45 minute block.
  • Blocks run from the top of each hour until a quarter until the next hour.
  • Infinicon does not provide A/V equipment. Providers must bring or hire their own. This Includes laptops, projectors, screens, displays, whiteboards, adpators, etc.
  • Providers without pre-registered badges will not be given free access.
  • Providers are responsible for their own transportation, meals, hotel room, supplies, and expenses.
  • Presenting and participating in content does not qualify for Volunteer hours.

  • If you do not end up at a THANK YOU CONFIRMATION SCREEN after you tap Send, there was an error in your form. Please scroll back up, correct or add the information, and Send again.