Rantcor Pit

A long time ago, in 2012...

Cole ''JediCole'' Houston launched The Rantcor Pit as a solo podcasting effort on The JediCole Universe website. After two monthly episodes the show died on the vine. But like Boba Fett emerging triumphantly from the Sarlaac Pit (yeah, true Star Wars fans know he survived), the official Star Wars show of the JCU returned in 2013!

Joined by co-host Eddie Medina, Cole began a whole new version of The Rantcor Pit that lasts until this very day! For over four years your steeped-in-Star-Wars hosts have entertained and occasionally enlightened with their bi-weekly simple tricks and nonsense. When the show was still in its infancy they were approached by Deep Ellum on Air founder Jedi Jantzen about possibly bringing ''The Pit'' to a live streaming format. The Rantcor Pit Live was the result and over two years later it remains as the ''larger world'' that Cole and Eddie stepped into and have no desire to leave.

With the trademark ''Do You Like 'The Star Wars'?'' ringing out at the beginning of every episode, The Rantcor Pit has developed quite a following with the podcasts and public appearances at conventions and comic/toy/specialty shops. ''Your Favorite Star Wars Guys'' have been a part of Infinicon from the outset and will be emceeing the costume tournament at Infinicon again this year.

Look for Cole and Eddie at most of the Star Wars game shows this year as well as The JediCole Universe Live talk show. And all over the hotel, for that matter.

The Force is strong with the Rantcorps, so join the fun!



FRI 6:00p.m.: Tournament of Costumes Ballroom Set-Up (45 mins.)

Room: Oak Ballroom Rated: Private Event

Produced By: Rantcor Pit

Moderated By: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

Staff configure the ballroom for the Tournament of Costumes.

Category: Room Set-Up

FRI 6:00p.m.: Tournament of Costumes Check-In and Line-Up (45 mins.)

Room: Pin Oak Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Rantcor Pit

Moderated By: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

Contestants for the Tournament of Costumes meet here, sign in, and receive any last-minute instructions for the competition.

Category: Activity

FRI 7:00p.m.: Tournament of Costumes (2 hrs.)

Room: Oak Ballroom Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Rantcor Pit

Moderated By: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

As with any good bracketed tournament, competition is head-to-head at Infinicon. You don't have to outscore every other constant to win this one... just come out ahead of the person on the other side of the stage each round.

There are nine rounds in all, each with its own little twist to keep the event interesting. There is a strict limit of 48 competitors. Additional sign-ups are accepted in case of no-shows at competition time, but only 48 may compete.

FIRST PLACE: Brother SE400 Embroider Sewing Machine or a Brother 1034D Serger. SECOND PLACE: Remaining prize from first place choice.

Pre-Registration Required.

Category: Competition