Cosplay Guest

Erica Muse

Erica Muse was 8 years old when she fell in love with costuming. Her dad enjoyed creating his own character costumes for Halloween. Halloween was Erica's favorite holiday and an important one for her family. Her parent's anniversary was on that day. Her brother's birthday was just 4 days before.

She has been making her own costumes since 2006 after she joined an anime club and took a High School sewing class. Erica can be found at nearly all of the 'nerdy awesome conventions' in DFW and works with Charisma+2 among other agencies and booths.

As a happy owner of over 200 costumes, Erica continues to expand her growing arsenal-of-incredible. More than 40 are established, specific characters. Followers of Erica Muse are familiar with her added talents: singing, dancing, and acting with the hope that some day she may be able to focus exclusively on the things that inspire.

Erica's personal goal is to encourage everyone she meets with her genuine outgoing personality and greet all costumers and fans personally at her convention appearances. Everything else will come naturally.