Infinicon is by definition a 'small convention' with under 3,000 unique attendees annually. What we have to offer is a low gate price and included quality content without the necessity of up charging for every activity. At Infinicon our mission is to provide you with the best possible traditional convention experience. It has been said that the hotel conventions are more enjoyable because of the frequently see familiar faces in the halls, whether speaking in terms of the hour-to-hour or year-to-year encounters.


Unlike 'autograph conventions' where the event's goal is to budget-bust attendees with specialty access tickets and photo-ops, Infinicon's focus is upon providing a wide range of hourly content and participation options. Original productions are presented by local clubs, industry professionals, and our own list of guests who have come to contribute to your experience and not the other way around. With two floors of panel and performance rooms, content is what we do. Discussions, activities, performances, exhibits, contests, and more fill the schedule every hour. Because Infinicon is hotel-based, we start early and stay late. Quality and value are what you can expect from the convention.

 HISTORY (Current - 2017: Year 3; Event 4)

The counting of years and events has a complex origin. The source event (Infinity Zero) grew into the company (Infinicon LLC) and convention (Infinicon) that exists today. Note: This evolution of name has caused the public to sometimes refer to the event as Infinity Con.

In 2013 a group of like-minded fans combined resources to create an inclusive end-of-summer event. Infinity Zero was held as a single day convention in spring of 2015; a product of the grass-roots live exercise in creating content, booking event sites, and fund raising for expansion into what was envisioned as a fully featured weekend convention.

After the inaugural mini-con was successful in attendance and operation the decision was made to delay enacting the 'three-day plan' in order to build some more core resources for a larger event. Infinity Zero II was held as an expanded mini-con in August of 2015 with the addition of guests, a performance, more participating communities, and a dealer room.

For 2016 the decision was made to upgrade the event to a full three-day convention with a permanent staff. Infinity Productions, the original parent company, was reorganized into Infinicon Productions LLC and Infinicon 2016 (year 2; event 3) was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison, Texas.

Infinicon has been held at the Crowne Plaza every year since, with a commitment to remain at the venue through the year 2020. This long-term arrangement with the event hotel has provided the stability and confidence for continuity planning and responsible growth.