CCP Comics

We are a small independent publishing comic book company out of Austin, Texas. Also we are an artists/writer/inker/colorist/designer company that help artist with the right tools knowledge and experience to work in this industry. We also display artwork, paintings, original art, original, books, and more.




FRI Noon: Creating Comics (45 mins.)

Room: Pecan Rated: Everyone

Produced By: CCP Comics

Speaking: McLain McGuire

This panel will mainly be about the start to the finish of making a comic book. It's a lot of fun there's a lot of information and a lot of dues and downs. The info part is what everyone needs because in this panel we not only teach how to create, box from start to finish but we also give you the tools knowledge and experience for what you will need on printing, sizing, set up, and more. So basically when this panel is over everyone inside the panel will have everything they need to create a comic book and the how to's to to do so.

Category: Discussion Panel