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The Ambassador Society was founded in 2015 at Infinity Zero, the inaugural event that evolved into Infinicon. Every year the unique Ambassador pin is available exclusively to this VIP level ticket, along with a complimentary event shirt, two reserved seating tickets to the burlesque performance, VIP class event badge, and 1/3rd page ad* in the printed event program. (Purchase must be completed before July 5, 2017 to receive print ad space in event program.) The Ambassador Society is limited to 100 new members annually.

The Gold Level badge was introduced in 2015 at Infinity Zero II; the final Infinity Zero event before the expansion into the modern Infinicon Dallas. Gold members receive a complimentary event shirt, two advanced general seating tickets to the burlesque performance, and the VIP class event badge.

Event and single day badges are available online and at the door. Child badges are good for every day the child is accompanied by a properly badged parent or legal guardian. Attendees aged 16 and under must be accompanied at all times or will be required to leave the premises for security reasons.

A special access badge good exclusively for entry into the Saturday Mihmverse Film Marathon. With this badge, if the attendee is present for six or more of the films, they will receive their choice of one of any of the Mihmverse films on DVD at no cost; a $10 value. Convention attendees with a general entry badge may also attend the marathon, but do not qualify for the free DVD offer.

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Any Infinicon badge may be purchased as a Gift Badge. This option will replace one Badge Notice in your registration packet (mailed to your registration address) with a Gift Badge Notification Card that you can give to friends or family for any occasion. You can give the gift of Infinicon at any time, all year long. It's the perfect solution for that special someone who is difficult to find gifts for.

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Attend the convention in style wearing this year's mascot scene on a high quality event souvenir shirt. Sizes are all Mens adult size and style.

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The public may attend the Saturday Infinicon burlesque performance by purchasing a VIP or Advanced Seating ticket. A convention badge is not required for persons with tickets. Convention attendees may attend at no additional cost in the general seating, while seats are available in a first-come order. Convention attendees are encouraged to purchase tickets as an upgrade to their badge in order to get the preferred seating methods described below.

Burlesque VIP Seating ticket holders will occupy the exclusive front reserved rows in front of the stage. The seats are guarenteed regardless of arrival time. Avoid the lines and the rush while getting one of the best seats in the house for the performance.

Advance seating takes place fifteen minutes before the general seating is allowed in. For those fifteen minutes Advanced Seating ticket holders may choose from any of the non-VIP seats. If any Advanced Seating ticket holders are not present during the advanced seating process, they will not be guarenteed a seat. Seats may not be held for the general audience who will fill all of the remaining seats sequentially.

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Infinicon is an innovative convention with content that's designed to be for you, and about you. Why should your souvenir of the event be any different? Some events offer coffe mugs or tote bags with logos on them. At Infinicon we invite you to create your own souvenir with our vinyl ducks and the supplies in the Arts and Crafts room (open daily). Each duck is approximately 2" and is meant to be decorative - they don't float upright. A real bargain at only $3 each! You can afford to buy a couple of them and take home your own little flock of memories. Stock at the convention isn't guarenteed. Reserve yours today while supplies last!

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Promote your art, store, blog, podcast, channel, or page. Advertise your event. Send messages to friends. The choice is yours. You can have your own message printed on the Message Board pages of the souvenor event program for all the world to read.* (All content is reviewed for approval by convention staff. Any messages believed to be inappropriate will be declined and the purchaser notified.)

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First issued in 2016, the Infinicon Star of Service is a special souvenir available to individuals, groups, and organizations who produce and present content at the convention. For those who may have missed out, Service Stars from prior years are available while supplies last.

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Infinity Zero I & II were single day events where fans came together to celebrate and raise the capital required to launch a fully fledged three-day convention: Infinicon. Infinicon continues the tradition of Membership in an effort to raise the bar every year, reinvesting in the event that thousands now hold dear. Along with your attendance it is your ongoing contributions of any size that will determine the rate at which new features are introduced and number of guests increase. Believe in your friends. Invest in your community. Become an active member.

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Refunds will be credited through PayPal back to the funding source that was used to make the original payment. Advance tickets may be refunded in full until Sunday August 6, 2017.