Eddie Medina

Rantcor Pit



SAT 3:00p.m.: The Rantcor Pit Road Show Summer Invasion - The Big Four-Oh (45 mins.)

Room: Elm Rated: Everyone

Produced By: JediCole Universe

Last stop!

The Rantcor Pit Summer Road Show 2017, the live appearance tour of The Rantcor Pit podcast, concludes after four months at Infinicon! Beginning on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You Celebration in Burleson, TX), hosts Cole ''JediCole'' Houston and Eddi(-wan Kenobi) Medina have enjoyed six previous stops on the tour and are thrilled to bid summer farewell this weekend.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Saga, ''Your Favorite Star Wars Guys'' bring their trademark simple tricks and nonsense to the fore in a discussion of four decades with that galaxy far, far away. This interactive panel will feature a favorite clip or two from ''The Rantcor Pit Live'', Star Wars stories from your hosts, and a whole lot of audience interaction. Be prepared to be invited up to the table to tell your Star Wars story as part of an audio podcast that will be published on The JediCole Universe as part of the Road Show series!

If you like the Star Wars, no matter when you hopped on board in the last 40 years, you need to attend this panel!

Speaking: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

Category: Discussion Panel


SAT 4:00p.m.: The Rantcor Pit Galactic Games VI (2 hrs.)

Room: Elm Rated: Everyone

Produced By: JediCole Universe; Rantcor Pit

The premiere game show of ''The Rantcor Pit Live'' is back!

As seen on the live podcast and at Infinicon, ALL-CON, and Famous Monsters Convention, the Galactic Games return to the first convention to host them! The whole Rantcorps will be in place to host this dynamic mix of trivia, activities, and other simple tricks and nonsense that pits four contestants against one another in a Geonosian Arena style battle royale! Actually it is more a game show than a battle and no giant monster beasts are involved. None the less, challenges abound that would make a Padawan-seeking-the-rank-of-Jedi balk.

If you are steeped in the Saga, jolly for Jedi, a Rebellion rouser, silly for sith, or just plain feel like Star Wars is where it's AT-AT, you need to be a part of this game show - in the audience or among the randomly selected contestants!

Speaking: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

Category: Game Show


FRI 6:00p.m.: Room Not Available (Set-Up or Clean-Up) (45 mins.)

Room: Oak Ballroom Rated: Private Event

Produced By: Crowne Plaza Hotel Addison

Moderated By: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

Staff configure the ballroom for the Tournament of Costumes.

Category: Room Set-Up


FRI 6:00p.m.: Tournament of Costumes Check-In and Line-Up (45 mins.)

Room: Pin Oak Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Rantcor Pit

Moderated By: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

Contestants for the Tournament of Costumes meet here, sign in, and receive any last-minute instructions for the competition.

Category: Activity


FRI 7:00p.m.: Tournament of Costumes (2 hrs.)

Room: Oak Ballroom Rated: Everyone

Produced By: Rantcor Pit

Moderated By: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina

As with any good bracketed tournament, competition is head-to-head at Infinicon. You don't have to outscore every other constant to win this one... just come out ahead of the person on the other side of the stage each round.

There are nine rounds in all, each with its own little twist to keep the event interesting. There is a strict limit of 48 competitors. Additional sign-ups are accepted in case of no-shows at competition time, but only 48 may compete.

FIRST PLACE: Brother SE400 Embroider Sewing Machine or a Brother 1034D Serger. SECOND PLACE: Remaining prize from first place choice.

Pre-Registration Required.

Category: Competition