Rachel Rose



FRI 5:00p.m.: Crossplay Beyond the Convention (45 mins.)

Room: Pecan Rated: Mature

This panel will explore the pros and cons of venturing out beyond the con dressed in your cosplay. Features several slide with specific venues and real pictures this panel is going to encourage the most timid to move out in the community and share the fun wrapped up in cosplay.

Speaking: Rachel Rose

Category: Discussion Panel


FRI 6:00p.m.: Splendid Teapot Racer Clinic (45 mins.)

Room: Pecan Rated: Everyone

The Splendid Teapot Race is Saturday evening. Bring your Teapot Racer to the clinic for some fine-tuning or tips on construction. So you want to get racing but do not know what to do? No problem. Come to this clinic and we will have several racers to purchase. This clinic will also benefit everyone who wants to get into the race but has no parts to create them.

Speaking: Rachel Rose

Category: Workshop


SAT 11:00a.m.: Splendid Teapot Race (45 mins.)

Room: Elm Rated: Everyone

The theme of the event is mostly Steam Punk however any mood of dress is expectable. The participants drive their radio controlled cars though a course that has obstacles to over come.

Speaking: Rachel Rose

Category: Activity


SAT 11:00p.m.: Introduction to Submissive Maids (45 mins.)

Room: Elm Rated: Adult

This panel is for those interested in becoming a submissive maid. Topics that will be covered will be uniform styles, duties and demenor. This panel is strictly for adults.

Speaking: Rachel Rose

Category: Discussion Panel