Each day Infinicon offers a different Photo Scavenger Hunt theme. The daily Hunt List is issued at the Volunteer Desk to participants who register for the scavenger hunt. (Lists for subsequent days are not provided in advance.) When you register for the scavenger hunt will be assigned a tracker ID to tag your photo entries with.

When you submit your photo entries via text from your mobile device, there should be two photos for each entry. The first is the actual entry and the second is the same entry but with you in the picture. For example, if the entry is a flower then the first photo would include the flower and the second photo would be the same flower with you in the shot. Photo entries do not have to be made in the same order they are listed on the Hunt List.

The text message should be your tracker ID, the list item name or number, and description of the subject. For instance, if you are playing an Alphabet List and you are going to sumit a photo of a cosplayer portraying Captain Jack Sparrow for your "P" entry, and your tracker ID is SA35 then your text with the photos would read: "SA35 P Pirate". (For this example, you could have also chosen "C", "J", or "S" for Captain Jack Sparrow. Legitimate creativity drives the contest.)

During the day entries will be judged and some may be rejected. Common problems include: subject out of focus; subject does not qualify (Pikachu is not a "Raccoon"); or no second shot received.

Participation awards are given for completed lists, once verified.

Please practice good photo etiquette when taking photographs around the convention.