Fans of Harry Potter - something ENCHANTING this way comes! For the first time ever and debuting at Infinicon, Los Bastardos will host an “officially unofficial” all-House Hogwarts “Common Room” to serve as a meeting place for Hogwarts and Harry Potter fans of all ages. In the Common Room, all of the students from all Houses of Hogwarts are welcome and encouraged to join us whenever the Room is open to discuss logic and lore, learn a bit of trivia, create some crafty goods, befriend those from all Houses, or just sit and recharge for a bit before heading back out into the Muggle world. Watch the schedules for certain activities – not only will the room be a space for general merriment, but there is a convention long competition for the House Cup, which will be awarded at the end of the “year” (or the convention, whichever may come first), with prizes to be awarded for the winning House. Please join us – wear your robes, sport your House colors, bring your games and accessories, meet other fans, and show us your favorite charms – the Wizard world is much more fun with friends!

SORTING CEREMONY: Which Hogwarts House do you belong to? Don’t know? Come to the Sorting Ceremony and see! Learn about your official Hogwarts House, meet and greet other students, create some magical crafts, take photos, receive instructions for the Dragon hunt, the search for the Horcruxes, and find out how to escape Dementors. Learn about the House Cup challenges and see what you can do to help your house win the House Cup!

HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE: The Horcrux hunt and the Dragon hunt! Somewhere, deep within the boundaries of Hogwarts, lie 20 dragons and the 7 deadly Horcruxes. If you can find them, you win massive points for your House!

HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE: Potions class – Knowledge, a little bit of luck, and some magical intuition will help you win this challenge. Special potions and ingredients will be provided, and remember - the clock is ticking for you to brew the perfect potion. Those who succeed will take various points for the House Cup.

HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE: Spells and Charms class – How well do you remember your spells and charms? Test your eyes and brain with a bit of old fashioned paper and a bit of swish and flick in order to win the points for this challenge. Remember - LeviOsa!

HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE: Magical Creatures – There are many magical creatures in this world, and most are yet to be discovered. Join your Housemates in this challenge locating and capturing rare creatures, and see who walks away with the points for the House Cup.

HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE: Transfiguration class – How is your transfiguration spell? Test yours and your House mates against the other Houses, and see who comes out with the most points for this extremely hands on challenge!

Hungry Hungry Hippos (Wizard version) – Have you ever played Hungry Hungry Hippos? Of course you have. Have you ever seen the video where people lay down on scooters and scoop up the balls like they were hippos? Yes? Excellent. No? Go look it up on YouTube and you won’t be disappointed. Join your Housemates (and possibly some Muggles) to play Hungry Hungry Wizards. Special pieces have House points assigned, so come out and try your luck. We are looking for different age groups, so please come out and join us for the magical version of this timeless classic.

HOUSE CUP CHALLENGE: Wizarding World Trivia – Test your knowledge of the wizarding world! Three categories: Hogwarts History, Traditional Wizarding Families and Other Likely Characters, and Specialized Knowledge of the Non-Muggle World. There are 75 questions worth a total of 900 points, from basic to little known knowledge. Work with your team to answer as many questions correctly as possible, and see which House wins the most points for their team!

Harry Potter BINGO – Ten games, ten possible prizes! This is not for the House Cup, but who can say no to Bingo?

CLOSING CEREMONY: Join us to see which House won the House Cup! Meet in the Common Room to find out the final points tally and therefore who will take the banners for the year. Take class pictures, claim your prizes, and wish each other well before you ride the Hogwarts Express back to…Texas…?...and join us as we close up the Common Room, until such time as it is needed again.