Saturday Night Special

Rated: Everyone

Category: Game Show

Produced by: JediCole Universe

Last year JediCole brought you Saturday Morning Special, a game show about all of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons and programming. This year get ready for trivia from the top action movies of all time! James Bond, Die Hard, RED, Lethal Weapon, The Fast and the Furious, and other such franchises will be only a small part of the action!

Think and the Kingsmen teaming up with the Expendables! Well, in the form of trivia. Shawn Padilla is your host and will lead three randomly selected contestants through the gauntlet of trivia on action cinema from Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham. If you live, breath, eat, drink, and dream action movies , this is the challenging game show for you!


SAT 5:00p.m. (45 mins.) Room: Elm

Speaking: Cole Houston