The Rantcor Pit Galactic Games VI

Rated: Everyone

Category: Game Show

Produced by: JediCole Universe; Rantcor Pit

The premiere game show of ''The Rantcor Pit Live'' is back!

As seen on the live podcast and at Infinicon, ALL-CON, and Famous Monsters Convention, the Galactic Games return to the first convention to host them! The whole Rantcorps will be in place to host this dynamic mix of trivia, activities, and other simple tricks and nonsense that pits four contestants against one another in a Geonosian Arena style battle royale! Actually it is more a game show than a battle and no giant monster beasts are involved. None the less, challenges abound that would make a Padawan-seeking-the-rank-of-Jedi balk.

If you are steeped in the Saga, jolly for Jedi, a Rebellion rouser, silly for sith, or just plain feel like Star Wars is where it's AT-AT, you need to be a part of this game show - in the audience or among the randomly selected contestants!


SAT 4:00p.m. (2 hrs.) Room: Elm

Speaking: Cole Houston; Eddie Medina