Tournament of Costumes

Rated: Everyone

Category: Competition

Produced by: Rantcor Pit

As with any good bracketed tournament, competition is head-to-head at Infinicon. You don't have to outscore every other constant to win this one... just come out ahead of the person on the other side of the stage each round.

There are nine rounds in all, each with its own little twist to keep the event interesting. There is a strict limit of 48 competitors. Additional sign-ups are accepted in case of no-shows at competition time, but only 48 may compete.

FIRST PLACE: Brother SE400 Embroider Sewing Machine or a Brother 1034D Serger. SECOND PLACE: Remaining prize from first place choice.

Pre-Registration Required.


FRI 7:00p.m. (2 hrs.) Room: Oak Ballroom

Moderated By: Eddie Medina


FRI 8:00p.m. (1 hr.) Room: Oak Ballroom