Cosplay Competition

Rated: Everyone

Category: Competition

Produced by: Cospod

The Infinicon Cosplay competition is hosted by CosPod. We are in our third year, and we are going to make this contest bigger and more grand than ever before. Join us on Saturday for a contest you don’t want to miss.

And check it out - New Time! Now you don’t have a reason to skip out on entering or seeing the contest! With a 6 PM start, you’ll have plenty of time to dress up and jump in.

We recommend signing up early to avoid the on-site crowd. Once the entries fill up, we will have to close it.

On-site sign-ups will be made available at the convention starting on Friday at the computer across from the Volunteer's Table on the second floor. There will be 2 contests listed, so make sure to select the application for the Cosplay Contest. The on-site application will close at 4 PM. Any questions? Please contact


SAT 6:00p.m. (2 hrs.) Room: Oak Ballroom

Moderated By: Valerie