The Rules:

1. No costume is not a costume.

2. All content must be no more than PG-13 and conform to the convention’s standards regarding costumes and props, as well as to public decency/coverage regulations.

3. Costumes that are less than 50% handmade may still compete; however, those who are competing in such costumes will only be eligible for Audience Favorite or Judges' Awards. They will not be eligible for placement/Best in Show.

4. Cosplayers whose competition costume has previously won awards at other contests may be disqualified from winning Best in Show at the discretion of the cosplay coordinator in consultation with the cosplay judges.

5. Original characters are allowed, but it is highly recommended that you upload/present reference images for the judges.

6. Each walk-on contestant will have 30 seconds on stage. Use the time to pose, act, or even interact with the audience or emcee.

7. Skits will have a maximum of 2 minutes. All audio must be pre¬recorded and sent to for approval. All recordings will need to be submitted by July 15 in MP3 or WAV format. NO recordings will be accepted after this date.

8. No swearing, vulgar gestures, lewd acts, or political and/or social statements.

9. Anything that you bring onto the stage must also go off the stage with you. Projectiles are not permitted, including but not limited to confetti or fired/thrown ammunition.

10. For safety, any "battle" sequences or stunts need to be performed at 1/2 speed and 1/4 strength. Any specialty stage acrobatics need to be cleared with cosplay coordinator and convention staff prior to the contest. Surprising the staff is NOT recommended.

11. Only 6 people are allowed on the stage at a time. This includes any 'stage helpers'; groups larger than 6 will not be permitted.

12. Contestants must arrive in full costume no later than 1 hour prior to the contest start. Contestants who are late may be disqualified or lose eligibility for awards at the discretion of the cosplay coordinator.

13. The Infinicon Cosplay Contest is as much about fun as it is about good sportsmanship. Every contestant is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, polite manner. Failure to exhibit sportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification.