Make each purchase selection, enter the details, and tap Add to Cart to move it into the PayPal shopping cart system. At any time you can view what's in your cart by tapping View Cart. From the cart you can Continue Shopping or Checkout. Use your existing PayPal account or any Credit or Debit card. Infinicon does not ship items. All purchases are available for pick-up at the Registration Desk at the convention.


There are three things attendees keep from a convention: Their badge, their new shirt, and their event program. You have the opportunity to be a part of their Infinicon experience by being immortalized within the Event Program.

The Infinicon souvenir event program is provided at no cost to our attendees. It has a finished size of 8.5"x11" with the material content printed in full color. Your advertisement (larger than a Program Message) will also be printed in full color.

Event Program Print Ads

Program Message Text:

The sales deadline is July 5 and the copy dealdine is July 15. Acceptable formats are .png, .tif, .psd, .pdf, and .jpg. Recommended resolution is 300dpi. Infinicon does not offer advertising design services and ask that you provide your advertisement print-ready.


For non-paper give-away promotional items, Infinicon provides free distribution to all registered attendees, vendors, and guests. A minimum of 3,500 individual items are required to qualify. Smaller / limited quantities and paper based items are subject to a handling fee. Use the Contact Staff option from the main menu to provide details of your distribution.


Infinicon provides a flyer table for free distribution of advertisements, dropped off at the site, and available for access by all attendees. For materials mailed in to the convention, please see the note above referring to distributing paper-based materials.